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Marilyn Sánchez

"I feel fulfilled, my closet is now an easy place to access and utilize what I need, where I only have what fits me. I am very grateful to Herly’s Chic and for her advise about my body shape. Right now, I feel more confident in my
own skin and the options I have in my wardrobe".

Danielly Rocha

"I decided to call Herly’s Chic because I wanted to change my image due to my profession as a Personal Trainer. I wanted to convey a sporty look while also espousing my beauty and feminine side. Herly’s Chic helped me to re-brand my look and I am so happy with my change and new
image, I found myself".

Odalys Medianero

"I love to shop in my closet!!!!!

Since, Herly’s Chic helped me to organize my wardrobe, my life got so much easier I don't waste time anymore looking for what to wear. Now, I have quick access to many choices in an orderly fashion to help me combine my clothing. We got rid of all of the old clothing that I kept for sentimental reasons or sizes that didn’t fit anymore as well as clothing that did not look well on me. I am really happy and pleased with my new wardrobe and my options. I am looking forward to go shopping wisely with Herly’s Chic".

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