Body Types

Hi Ladies! 

 “Struggling with what to wear?”

The first step: Determine your body shape and then your Style. 

I am going to guide you to avoid frustration at the clothing store, from now on you will find the perfect dress for your body 😊. You have come to the right place.

The woman body type has 5 basics beautiful body shapes:

Which one is yours?

1.- Hourglass: This body type on women is also called shapely, your bust and hips will be almost the same.

2.- Inverted Triangle: Shoulders are larger than hips

3.- Rectangular: Balanced hips and shoulders, lean. 

4.- Pear or Triangular: Hips are larger than shoulders

5.- Oval: shoulders and hips will measure almost equal but your waist and bust will be fuller.

What to Wear and What to avoid. 

Here are some capsule tips:

Hourglass: This is considered to be the ideal body type  

Choose clothes that cinch at your waist and accentuate your curves.

You can wear:

Wrap Dresses


Dresses A line 

V Neck

Rectangular: If you have this body shape, bring the attention to your hips and bust.

You can Wear:

Peplum Tops and skirts

Fine belt 

Jackets and any clothes that cinch your waist

A Line Skirt.


All loose tops and bottoms

Thick Belts 

Inverted Triangle: If you have this body shape you have to enhance the bottom for more balance.

You can Wear:

All of kind of skirts, like peplum, A-line etc

All detailing, embellishments and volume should be kept to the bottom


Shoulder pads

All detailing on the top

Pear or Triangular: If you have this body shape you have to enhance the upper body.

You can wear:

Wrap Dresses

A-Line Dresses

V- Necks

Boat neck

Anything that adds volume to your upper body


Anything with details in the bottom

Oval: If you have this body shape you have to enhance shoulders and hips.

You can Wear:

Jackets with shoulder pads

Straights Pants

Skirts with vertical lines

Wrap Dresses


Fitted clothes

Loose tops

Sweater turtle neck